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February Style File: Tech Accessories, Fira Boutique, MudLOVE, and more

Who doesn’t want a pair of cat-ear headphones?

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Wanted: A Cool Clock for Design Enthusiasts

The QLOCKTWO timepiece is the best pick for design enthusiasts, hands down.

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For Sale: A Moroccan Mansion on Geist

A den on the second floor makes a statement with wall stripes in red, pink, and orange, layered rugs, and even a daybed built into the corner.

mod mint triangles
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Found! The Geometric Wallpaper from Last Night’s “Good Bones” Episode

Mina Starsiak of HGTV’s “Good Bones” reveals where she found that fresh, geometric wallpaper we love.

ModHomeEc home
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At Home: My Living Room

Shelly Leer, the savvy founder of ModHomeEc studio and website Upholstery Club, proves that the DIY trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Nine West TrueThat loafter 89
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Hot List 9.8.15

Sharp fall loafers, Game of Thrones gifts, upcycled piano-wire jewelry, the must-have farmer’s market tee, and more.

14 Districts Mavi jacket 128
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Hot List 8.17.15

A flattering denim jacket, new locally designed pillows, French perfume, and more.

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Hot List 5.25.15

Your new go-to sandal, the local product of the moment, oversized tassles, a candle that smells of summer, and more.

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Discovery: Indiana License-Plate Clocks at Society of Salvage

Where to find an upcycled “Wander Indiana” relic.

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At Home: Truen Jaimes’s Living Room

Exposed beams and an oversized ceiling fan fulfill the potential of a near-eastside Victorian.

Arcadia Jacqueline Luczywo
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Street Savvy: Arcadia

The most surprising thing about Lisa’s Pie Shop in nearby Atlanta isn’t the signature pie in a jar. It’s that owner Lisa Sparks doesn’t like pie.

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Unspoken Rules: Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace

Walk counterclockwise through the market. Most people do the opposite.

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Hot List: 4.13.15

The perfect spring sweater, snarky tableware, a new beer soap, and a nonchalant French tee.

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Wanted: This Sleek Rocking Chair

The coolest chair in Irvington’s hottest shop.

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At Home: Ben & Janneane Blevins’s Loft

“We used to have couches, but we always ended up sitting on the floor. So we got rid of most of our tables and chairs.”