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Doug Boles

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Doesn't Pit After Month Of May

Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles says there are two questions he usually gets asked after the Indianapolis 500. “What do you do in the offseason?” And, “Hey, do you get to take time off since the 500 has been over?” The answer to the second will give a pretty clear indication of the answer […]

Michai Stephens
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Fast Forward: What Is the Indy 500’s Future?

Ride-along mechanics were a fixture into the late 1930s, and “Back Home Again” blared over the speakers for the first time in 1946. Point being, the Indy 500 and its traditions have had some tune-ups over the years.

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Faces of IndyCar Wives and Girlfriends Edition

We have a soft spot for IndyCar wives and girlfriends, who, along with their hunky beaux, bolster the racing series’s claim on the title of Most Beautiful Sport in America.

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IndyCar Meet-and-Greet: Conor Daly

“It’s just a different era,” says Daly. “I feel like there’s about 100 different people who come up every day and tell me if I was racing 10 years ago, I would have been hired instantly.”

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Q&A: Doug Boles, IMS President

“What we’ve had to do is look through the lens of, is something really a tradition?” says Boles. “Is it really core, central to our DNA? Or is it something that has just happened over time, and if you changed it, it doesn’t really change the importance of the race?”

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Stars of IndyCar—and Indy—Shine at Rev

I had been told I might see celebrities, and I was not disappointed.

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Pat McAfee on Being a Hoosier in May

“I love Indiana,” said McAfee. “It’s my home. I stay here year round and will always stay here.”

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Photos: 500 Festival Month of May ‘Kickoff’ on Monument Circle

IM staff photographer Tony Valainis was on hand to capture the moments.

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Photos: Indy 500 & Grand Prix Kickoff Event

Pretty in pink, IndyCar driver Pippa Mann stooped down for a conversation with a similarly dressed 7-year-old fan.