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Encounter: Tennis Dirtballers Of Russell Road Racquet Club

The owners believe the club is the only one in the state with red clay.

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Meet Circle City Aerodrome

For one night a year, alternative-history aficionados frolic in their intricate Victorian garb and dust off their tricked-out toy guns—all while glitter puddles on the dance floor like oil. It doesn’t get much more steampunk than that.

A sad Man United Fan.
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Meet Soccer Fans at Chatham Tap

Listening to accented voices spur on their favorite footballers makes the spot feel more like London than Indy—especially when you insouciantly toss an Arsenal or Chelsea scarf around your neck on the way out the door.

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Meet Yogis at the IMA

With every new season at the IMA, amateur and accomplished yogis alike gather for a six-week session with hour-long classes on Saturday mornings located somewhere around the museum’s grounds, gardens, or galleries. One day, the space could be the art and nature park; the next, before a painting by Dutch artist Jacco Olivier.

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Meet the Late Shift at Peppy Grill

The all-night diner that puts the grease in “greasy spoon.”

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Meet Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws

You won’t discover a wrestling superstar here. What you will find is a one-of-a-kind night of crowd-pleasing pomp usually reserved for the cheap seats at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Meet the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

African-American biker club who honor a proud legacy.

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Meet the Classical Revolution

Catch casual, monthly jazz riffs by moonlighting ISO players every first Tuesday of the month at the Chatterbox.

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Meet the Race City Rebels

“Name another sport where women brought men along,” says Chris French, a technical architect.

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Encounter: The Indy Air Bears

Think back to the jump-roping you might have done in school—all that playground thudding and criss-crossing, while you intoned a few little rhymes. Now add spins, twists, multiple airborne teenagers, and some light breakdancing, and you’ve got the Indy Air Bears.

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Meet the Burlesque Bingo Bango Show

The bingo moves quickly and the entertainment delivers at the twice-monthly goofy game night at the White Rabbit Cabaret. As they say, “Get weird and shit.”

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Meet @IgersIndy

Three years and 32 sessions in, the group has upped its profile, scoring its first art exhibit and invitations to restricted spaces, like The Children’s Museum’s archives. They have roamed an empty Union Station and framed artsy shots of barbed wire at Traders Point Creamery.