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Eric Dickerson

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30 for 30: The Most Memorable Moments in Indy Colts History

In 30 years, Indy has shared as many good times—and bad—with our Colts as Baltimore ever did. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. Most of all, though, we’ve cheered.

"30 for 30" Colts feature in Indianapolis Monthly.
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Colts Flashback: Monday Night Football's First Game in Indy

The Colts galloped out of the gate and quickly reduced the Broncos to horsemeat. Running back Eric Dickerson racked up 159 yards and four touchdowns in the first 19 minutes.

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Colts Audible: 30 Years of Football in Indy

From Eric Dickerson to Jim Harbaugh to Peyton Manning to Super Bowl XLI to Andrew Luck, Rubino and West recapped how our city fell in love with its NFL franchise.

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Colt Following: Four Memorable NFL Encounters

Besides Peyton Manning’s press conference announcing he was leaving the Colts, the only other televised event that ever preempted one of my high-school classes was Barack Obama’s first inauguration speech.