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An Interview With Jenna Ricker And Janet Guthrie

“The woman I thought was going to be the first to win an Indycar race was Sarah Fisher.”

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How To Cheer For The NCAA Tournament If You Are One Of The Many Indiana Teams Not Involved In It

Don’t think of it as cheering for Purdue, but for the American space program. Do you hate the moon?

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A Hoosier Reinvents Online Sports Coverage—Again

“I went into this thinking I’d have to fight off boredom, covering all those games,” Dwyer says. “It’s been the opposite. Now I just need to figure out how to make the car payment.”

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Peyton Manning At The ESPYs

Omaha-ha-ha: At the ESPYs, ex-Colts QB Peyton Manning is the host with the roast.

Illustration of a red chair laying sideways on an empty basketball court. Man (Coach Knight) is shown from the back walking out of the gym.
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Throwing In The Chair: What’s Up With Bob Knight?

“I do remember that he was swearing after we went off air,” recalls one of Knight’s former ESPN broadcast crew members. “Something or other was always pissing him off.”

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, And Myles Turner

No Andrew Luck, no problem, right? Right?

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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow & Jason Whitlock

Did the Patriots spy on Peyton?

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The Jason Whitlock Outtakes

“… They couldn’t attack me with the truth, so they made up stuff.”

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The Replay: Mark Cuban, Lil Bub, and the Colts

The Colts hang fire.

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Joe Namath, and Juergen Sommer

Andrew Luck’s ‘stache might have a PETA problem.

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Jason Whitlock: No Pulled Punches

Whitlock acknowledges that his colorful history with ESPN is one reason it has taken extra time to get everyone there on board.

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The Replay: Bobby Knight, Oliver Luck, and Ron Hunter

Bob Knight hits the bread line.

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The Replay: Boilers, Bob Knight, and Jim Irsay

Bragging rights go to Purdue.

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The Replay: Tony Kanaan, Bob Kravitz, and Butler’s Big Game

There’s a lot of hot air left in DeflateGate, plus an Indy 500 champ strips down for Pattern magazine.

Luck beard
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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and the IU Hoosiers

As Sunday’s Colts-Broncos showdown nears, Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning are the story.