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Margherita pizza from Pangea Kitchen
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Destination Dining: Pangea Kitchen

Pangea has a curious model: a pair of pizza menus (Neapolitan and Sicilian); a tight list of “everyday items” with Thai dishes, salads, and meatballs; and a dessert case that includes gelato cake by the slice.

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Why Indy’s Creative Class Loves Evansville Right Now

In 2012, staffers at an Evansville museum discovered an original Picasso, mislabeled, that had been stored unnoticed for nearly 50 years.

Bill Mayes
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Flashback: What Can Bill Mays Do For You?

Everyone knows Bill Mays. If you don’t, you probably know little about Indianapolis business.

Comiskey and Ruhtenberg (seated) arrive at Columbus
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Milestones: An Indiana Architecture Road Trip

In the elaborate latticework of Indiana’s back roads, even a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece can hide.

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A Roundup of Indiana's Top Monsters

The new Godzilla movie hit theaters this month, but Indiana residents who crave monster thrills needn’t settle for a Japanese import. Per certain sources, our state is crawling (and slithering and flying) with home-grown horrors.

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Traveler: New Harmony Weekend

Now celebrating its 200th anniversary and more accessible with the opening of I-69 from Bloomington to Evansville, the town is at its best in early May.

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Q&A with Nick Davidson of Tin Man Brewing Co.

Nick Davidson is not a robot, but he branded his brewery with one as a mascot. “As a kid, I was obsessed with robots,” he says. “It didn’t have anything to do with The Wizard of Oz.” As his fledgling brewery came to fruition, ideas fermented in Davidson’s mind as to what to label his brews: “’Robot’ didn’t sound very good. Tin Man sounded good, like a retro robot I had as a kid.” His friend Matt Wagner helped him design the logo, and the rest is history. Davidson opened Tin Man Brewing Co. (1430 W. Franklin St., Evansville, 812-618-3227) the day after Thanksgiving—Black Friday 2012—and his robot mascot has been seeing red ever since. Irish red, that is. On the heels of his successful turn at Indy’s Winterfest in late January, we caught up with the entrepreneur who has brought craft beer back to Evansville.

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The Bizarre Story of the Liberty Dollar

From an Evansville strip mall, Bernard von NotHaus ran the most successful alternative currency in the country. Then the FBI raided his headquarters, arrested him, and seized eight tons of gold and silver backing the notes. But even as he awaits sentencing, the $65 million question remains: Was it really counterfeiting?