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The Dadball Era’s Guide To The Holidays

“I’m tired of trekking out to the Speedway to see the lights, but not the same lights we saw at Newfields. Different lights. Different nights. Same idea.”

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Phil Gulley: What I’m Thankful For

“In my early years, my father cooked the Thanksgiving turkey on a Weber grill in our barn, a deeply spiritual experience for him.”

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How To Win At Gen Con

Move ahead one space to learn what you’ve been missing, regardless of your gaming experience.

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Street Savvy: Audubon Road in Irvington

One of Irvington’s original arteries makes a comeback.

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Deborah Paul and Her Master Chef Jr.

Could my granddaughter’s heart possibly be as full as mine? Does she appreciate the meaning of these moments, that they will endure long after the cooking aromas subside?

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Dear Kate: Living with Grief

Ten years have passed since I last brushed Kate’s hair from her cheek. I’m not the same person I was then, and I know now I never will be. But I do the best I can with the life I have now.

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Bigger Picture: Deborah Paul on Grandchildren

Robert Frost famously said everything he learned about life could be summed up in three words: “It goes on.” This is the season of the next generation—and the next after that.

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Phil Gulley: The Girl Next Door

As I write this, my wife and I are expecting our first grandchild, Madeline. The level of excitement, as you can imagine, is high.

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Phil Gulley: Strong Foundation

Sometimes you have to live in a house for a while before she trusts you enough to reveal her secrets.

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Who’s the Boss? Deborah Paul on Discipline

If kids knew what to do, they’d be adults. It’s our job to turn them into the latter.

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Our Top 10 Stories of 2014

From a tap-dancing dynamo to a soul-man belter, from Lauren Spierer to Larry Legend, these are the year’s most-viewed newsmakers.

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Blown Away: A Thanksgiving Lesson

On Thanksgiving, I returned to the house. It looked like an oversized dollhouse; you could see the remains of the second floor from outside.

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Kate’s Story—A Mother’s Grief

One year after the tragic death of her daughter, Nancy Comiskey reflects on Kate and their lives together.

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Trials & Tribulations: The Path to Justice for My Daughter’s Killer

This was his 10th conviction. We left the justice center believing we could close the door on the criminal case. But a few years later, he walked out of prison a free man and moved 18 miles from our Brown County home. And he got a driver’s license.

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Terra Cotta Warriors Descend on Indy

Don’t miss long-pot tea-pourer Li Min, visiting from China. “He pours teas out of a long spout while performing kung fu such that the tea goes five, 10, 15 feet into your cup.”