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Realty Check: Former Dairy Farm

A cozy, country landscape

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The Hoosierist: Off The Wall

“Years ago, Indianapolis was a vibrant squash hub.”

A brick building houses fun home decor.
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Shoptalk: Mercantile 37

A destination boutique worth the tank of gas.

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Meet Macy Stewart, Farm Manager Of Traders Point Creamery

A farm manager milks her days in the pasture for all they’re worth.

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Traveler: Daylily Farm In Michigan

“When we are running around with big smiles on our faces and appear to be nuts, it’s because we just saw a flower for the first time.”

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The World’s First GMO Fish Is Stranded In Albany, Indiana

“We know we have a product of superior quality and superior sustainability qualities, and only wish the opportunity to allow consumers to decide for themselves,” says the CEO of the company that developed the salmon.

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Decoding Chris Baggott

Baggott’s early years were marked by the kind of pain, frustration, and failure that would wreck anyone not equipped with his tenacious belief that better things are around the corner.

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Take Your Pick

Step off, pumpkin spice. Nothing smells more like fall than fresh apple pie warm from the oven, redolent with cinnamon and begging for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Wait for a sunny fall afternoon and pile the family into the car for a kid-friendly jaunt to a local orchard, where you can pick your […]

Goats and alpacas graze on land surrounding a refurbished farmhouse
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Field Of Dreams: How I Became A Farmer

How a city girl–turned–accidental farmhand discovered heaven on earth.