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Deborah Paul Wants the Ripe Stuff

No offense to our neighbors in Mexico or Chile, but I don’t want their produce, or anything grown upside-down in a hothouse. I want Mom’s.

In January 1975, Beecher Arlinda Ellen produced 23 gallons of milk in one day, five times a Holstein
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Dairy Queen: The Legacy of Ellen, Indiana’s Most Famous Cow

The Beecher house welcomed a wave of visitors, all eager to see the “supercow” on pace to break a record.

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All Hail the County Fair!

The beribboned road leading to that neon-lit crescendo of summer, the Indiana State Fair, may provide an even better reflection of our agricultural heritage—and inspire the next generation to embrace it.

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Phil Gulley: Flyover Country

This year, we’re not leaving Indiana. The little woman and I will head to our farm in Orange County, where the people are humble, the landscape inviting, the snakes few and modest in size, and nothing untoward ever happens.

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Ask a Farmer: Butler University's Tim Dorsey

Indiana has a notoriously fickle spring—so what should we be planting this month? This man has answers.

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Road Trip: Blackberry Farm

A visit to Blackberry Farm is like a Disney weekend, with overnight stays and an itinerary of onsite epicurean adventures just six hours from Indy.