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February 2015

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Best Indy Spas: Heaven Scent

This spot makes the most of its location in the historic Circle Tower building.

0215_GUNS_lostboys (crop)
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Under the Gun: Indy’s Lost Boys

“It seems like every other day, there’s an incident,” says Vernell Miller. “Shootings happen so frequently that folks in the community develop an apathy. That’s alarming to me.”

Brian Ciyou
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My Gun Story: The Gun Enthusiast

It’s simplistic to point to one thing—guns—and say that’s the problem.

Christopher Wilburn
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My Gun Story: The IMPD Cop

After experiencing this and the emotional toll, some might hesitate to pull their gun again.

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Best Indy Spas: Massage A Trois

Try this if you have a very understanding partner.

Suburban Mom
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My Gun Story: The Suburban Mom

“I don’t tell many people we own guns, which is why I don’t want to be identified here. I’m not sure how that would go over with other moms.”

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Best Indy Spas: Sweet Indulgence

The result: Baby-soft limbs and a mani that should last two weeks.

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Best Indy Spas: Fancy Footwork

Every 13-year-old girl’s fantasyland, with hot-pink fuzzy rugs, cheeky signs, and orb chandeliers

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Best Indy Spas: Pure Polish

The complimentary (blissful) scalp massage led to a Bride of Frankenstein moment.

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Best Indy Spas: Nailed It

With a fleet of flatscreen TVs, this spot puts the “man” in manicure.

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Best Indy Spas: Buff Enough

Get right with the idea of having your face stroked for an hour. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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Best Indy Spas: Wrap Star

It’s hard to tell if the body wrap actually lived up to its detoxifying claims, but I certainly felt—and looked—healthier.

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Best Indy Spas: Sea of Tranquility

Everything—even a small Aveda shop—is positioned around a pool that’s under a peaked glass greenhouse ceiling.

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Peek Inside Bluebeard’s Invitation-Only Dinners

An exuberant crew of groupies gathers once a month for a multicourse meal that lasts well into the wee hours.

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Under the Gun: Drivers at One Indy Pizza Chain Pack More Than Pies

Criminals “try to prey on people they think are weak,” says Just Pizza owner Joey Davis, who claims he once had a gun pressed into his stomach on a delivery before he escaped on foot, uninjured.