February 2015

Shannon Watts
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My Gun Story: The Activist

“The rhetoric of the NRA has created an extremist group terrified their guns are going to be taken away.”

Johnny Nugent
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My Gun Story: The Legislator

“Yes, I’ve carried a gun into the Statehouse in the past. Why? Because I can. It’s America.”

(L-R) Eddie Sahm and Scott Ellis will open Big Lug Canteen this spring.
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The Buzz: Big Lug Canteen Is Coming

Eddie Sahm will put into play an approachable, beer-friendly menu and a selection of concession-stand classics to serve to Monon Trail users.

0215_foodie_Brian Shapiro
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Shapiro’s Heir Tweaks Tradition at Fashion Mall

The new space has a smaller, more contemporary menu featuring trademarked “Twisted Traditions.”

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Cat Power: The Life And Times Of Lil Bub

“[Fame] was her survival strategy because she’s not able to survive in the wild. She could only survive in the age of the Internet.”

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A Year of Indianapolis Gun Deaths

From homicides to suicides, self-defense to police shootings, firearms claimed close to 200 lives in Marion County last year.

Romantique pink short robe (Woodhouse Day Spas)
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Nine Praiseworthy Products at Indy Spas

Treat yourself!

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Under the Gun: Indy’s Tale of Two Cities

Indianapolis does not have a gun problem or a homicide problem or a crime problem or a socioeconomic problem or a drug problem. It has an all-of-the-above problem.

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Laws, Stock and Barrel: Indiana Gun Control vs. Gun Rights

Where some of our more noteworthy state and local regulations fall on the pro-control–to–pro-gun spectrum

Dr. Gerardo Gomez
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My Gun Story: The ER Doctor

“A common misconception is that we’re searching for the bullet. We don’t care about the bullet.”

Gary Thrapp
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My Gun Story: The Victim

“It’s a crazy world, and you have to be more vigilant than you think.”

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At Home: Wil Marquez’s Living Room

What happens with an architect learns 3-D printing and isn’t afraid to give Ikea a little love.

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Pros And Cons: Wizard World Lands in Indy

And shows like this will keep coming, drawn not by magic but by the siren song of cash.

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Shoptalk: JenDaisy’s Plus Side

Seasonal must-haves—including extra-long cardis and dressy sweatshirts—start at sample-size-small and top out at 3X.

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Recipe: Cutie Pies by Bites Dessert Bar

These treats have been flying off the trays.