February 2016

Circle City Soups
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Morning Edition: Examining City Market’s Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is no longer a sleepy affair at downtown’s original food court.

John Adams
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Posh Spice: A Review of Marrow

Marrow is as complex as its own deep, rich vegetable curry. If this food needs some kind of user-friendly portmanteau, may we suggest globalicious?

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Lily Interviews Madeleine (And Vice Versa)

Keep It Together debuts on New West Records—their first on a major label.

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Exit Interview with Scott Jones

“All of my best ideas are scribbled on airplane barf bags.”

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The Day That Made Millionaires

“I live in a normal neighborhood in Greenfield with a couple of cul-de-sacs, and I literally went door to door to get people to invest $5,000 in ExactTarget. On the Google Map of my neighborhood, you’ll see, like, seven swimming pools. Every one of the swimming pools corresponds to an ExactTarget investor.”

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Philip Gulley: Cabin Fever

“I’m hoping when my wife sees E.B. White’s writing cabin, she’ll realize how important the proper environment is to authors and do her part to help the cause of literature.”

ISO Happy Hour
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Unspoken Rules: ISO Happy Hour

Tip No. 4: This is a good chance to sit in a fancy box seat on the second floor.

Madam Walker
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Madam C.J. Walker: Uncommon Drive

To the rest of the country, Madam C.J. Walker may have been a name on shampoo containers in African-American households. But it was here, perhaps, that the industrious and indefatigable pioneer loomed largest as an inspirational figure and community member.

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What Does Tech in Indy Pay?

“Startups are high-risk, high-reward. It could be a lot. You know the saying, ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’? There are a lot of good-looking eggs, but none have hatched yet.”

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The Hoosierist: The Third Degree

In theory, pretty much anyone can do the weather. And back in Old Timey Times, pretty much anyone—including David Letterman—did.

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Making a Splash with Edwin the Duck

When paired with a free app, the interactive duck features stories, music, and learning-based games. It’s a rare example of a consumer electronic conceived in Indy.

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Pro Tips for Mini Training from Matt Ebersole

Running the Mini this year? Prep starts now. Here, the owner of Personal Best Training shares his tips.

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Meet the Burlesque Bingo Bango Show

The bingo moves quickly and the entertainment delivers at the twice-monthly goofy game night at the White Rabbit Cabaret. As they say, “Get weird and shit.”

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Street Savvy: Fletcher Place

Credit the Cultural Trail for helping turn Fletcher Place into the city’s new Restaurant Row.

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What’s in That? The Goatsnake Burger at Kuma’s Corner

Named for an American doom-metal band, this Kuma’s Corner beast cranks up the flavor. What’s in it?