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February 2016

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Ash and Elm Cider Co.: Apple Sauced

Indy’s Ash and Elm Cider Co., which is opening the city’s first cider-exclusive production facility and tasting room this spring, might be the one good apple to unspoil the reputation of hard ciders.

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9 Reasons to Care About the NFL Combine

This month, every pro-football big shot and real-life Jerry Maguire comes to town to evaluate this year’s NFL draft prospects. Here’s why you should care.

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You’re Using the Internet Wrong

“There was an early rule that if they follow you, you should follow them back, and kumbaya. But the more you narrow your focus, the more valuable your feed can become.”

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Tech City, Indiana: Is Indy the New Spamalot?

“Not many places have had that kind of success. We’re not faking it. This is real.”

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Indy’s Tech Ten

Of the thousands of technology businesses tinkering in Indy right now, these are generating the most buzz.

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My Look: Nikki Sutton

The popular interior designer dishes on her favorite winter boots.

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Chris Stuart: Attention Magnet

Chris Stuart created half a bracelet—enough to put his Carmel studio on the design world’s radar.

Michael Uslan
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Ask Me Anything: Michael Uslan

Hollywood bigwig Michael Uslan ushered his comic-book idol onto the big screen in Batman and has been with the Dark Knight in every film since, including next month’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A hero’s work is never done: The Indiana University grad is teaching a film course this semester at his alma mater.

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Calling for Backup

A third of the nation’s 18,000 police departments have already adopted the technology.

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8 Indy Chocolates To Share Local Love

Sweeten your Valentine’s box of chocolates with Hoosier-made truffles and bars.

Patty Timmons
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February’s Foodie: Patty Timmons

Wyliepalooza’s Patty Timmons puts Filipino food on the Clermont map with Lola’s.

Amanda Heckert
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Editor’s Note, February 2016: Emerging Indy Coffee and Tech Scenes

How many brilliant tech concepts have been honed over the rich Morning Sky blend at Hubbard & Cravens, or an El Eden roast at Quills?

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February’s Swoon: Sea Change at Recess

Last fall, Hardesty (whose first Indy restaurant was H2O Sushi, let’s not forget) added a selection of raw-bar nibbles, like $3 Montauk oysters and bowls of scattered sushi, to the standard set.

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Spring Real Estate Trend

Buyers will need to be financed, make quick decisions, expect other offers, and come in at their best price. But today’s buyers are still pretty picky.

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Power Point: 3Mass Ave

At one tip of Mass Ave, a high-roller’s penthouse finally starts to attract buyers.