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Flavor of the Month

Salt on Mass poke tacos
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Flavor of the Month: Poke

Raw-rah! Poke arrives on Indiana’s shores.

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Flavor of the Month: Ground Cherries

At Recess, the fruit might show up in a chunky salsa, offering a sweet/savory accompaniment to fresh fish, or on the dessert course, where Tulip Tree Creamery’s Trillium cheese provides a rich yin to ground cherry jam’s acidic yang.

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Spread the Word on ‘Nduja

Born on the Calabrian coast of southern Italy, the spreadable salami ’nduja is made of ground dried hot peppers blended with fresh pork before curing. Where to find it in Indy.

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Flavor of the Month: Pickled Mustard Seeds

Sometimes referred to as mustard caviar, the garnish looks and behaves texturally like its pickled-roe namesake, without the staggering price tag.

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Flavor of the Month: Morel Mushrooms

Oakleys Bistro serves a morel buttermilk waffle, topped with pork cheeks, morel compound butter, and Indiana sorghum syrup.

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Flavor of the Month: Jowl Bacon

Goose the Market sells the home version, maple sugar–cured, hickory-smoked, and rubbed with peppercorns and coriander.