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fried chicken

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Review: Duke’s Indy

Honky-tonk done right: no bull.
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Très Chick: A Review Of Crispy Bird

Très chick: We are Hoosiers, after all. Fried chicken is our thing. So of course fighting about it can get as messy as eating it.

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Swoon List: Kountry Kitchen, Burmese Restaurant, And More

Fried chicken, take two.

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Swoon List: King Dough, The Vanguard, And More

What do we want right after Thanksgiving? Apparently, fried chicken.

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Taste Test: Indy’s Best Spicy Fried Chicken

Spicy fried chicken takes up where Grandma’s Sunday-supper version left off. These three versions blaze new trails with mouth-searing cayenne, chili oil, and other forms of firepower.

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Best New Restaurants 2015: Milktooth

Jonathan Brooks lavishes the bed-head crowd with creative takes on the morning meal at Milktooth.

Brackett already owns six Stacked Pickle sports bars in Indiana, and his business partner, Jeff Smith, most recently served as the operating partner at Harry & Izzy’s.
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Best New Restaurants 2015: Georgia Reese’s

During Sunday brunch, gospel music hums in the background as dolled-up church ladies flock to the buffet for cream cheese–stuffed French toast and another piece of fried chicken.

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10-01 Food & Drink

The essential order is a heaping plate of fried chicken, piping hot and crunchy atop a mound of mashed potatoes doused in mushroom-studded gravy.

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The Local Eatery & Pub

On any weeknight, you might see a family huddling over plates of braised beef cheeks, a mom feeding hummus to her toddler, or a child munching happily on the remnants of her father’s duck wings.

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Top Five: Soul-Food Restaurants

The servers at Kountry Kitchen are strikingly sweet, delivering canned Cokes alongside jelly-jar glasses and hauling out trays loaded with two-meat, two-sides combo meals.

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Best New Comfort Foods: Fried Chicken Roulade

The Local’s Craig Baker deconstructs the Sunday-dinner staple into a cooking-school final exam dish reminiscent of chicken cordon bleu or rolled meats from Eastern Europe.

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Take Comfort: Local Food-Lovers Play the Either/Or Game

Scott Wise, Lindy Brown, Valerie Vanderpool, Carrie Abbott, and more weigh in on their preferences and favorites.