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Shining A Light On Marshall Studios

Now a new generation is unearthing the brand.

Ikea Fishers
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11 Things We Already Want At Ikea Fishers

We toured the store as it’s coming together and spotted these items we can’t wait to take home.

Ikea Fishers patio
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How Ikea Fishers Will Differ From Every Ikea You’ve Visited

Sixty percent of the showroom is finished and on track for the October 11 grand opening.

Anthony Sousa
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Meet the Woodworker Behind The Gallery Pastry Shop’s Cool Look

“What most people think of when they hear the words reclaimed wood is barn wood, pallet wood, or other construction-related wood. I say that it’s time for a new definition.”

West Elm blog
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West Elm to Open Hotel Downtown

Indy’s location will be part of a hotly anticipated redevelopment on Mass Ave.

Mahogany wardrobe
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Historic Indianapolis Blogger Is Having an Estate Sale

Our favorite finds from a treasure trove of fur wraps, costume jewelry, and Art Deco furniture—ending Wednesday.

ModHomeEc home
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At Home: My Living Room

Shelly Leer, the savvy founder of ModHomeEc studio and website Upholstery Club, proves that the DIY trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Homespun coasters 25
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Hot List 7.27.15

French flatware, Sriracha fashion, sweet notecards, bad-karaoke coasters, and more.

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Hot List: 4.13.15

The perfect spring sweater, snarky tableware, a new beer soap, and a nonchalant French tee.

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Wanted: This Sleek Rocking Chair

The coolest chair in Irvington’s hottest shop.

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Please Be Seated: Six Great Indy Theater Chairs

Want more leg room at the IRT? Reserve an aisle seat or the back row of the balcony. The best view and sound, though, is—surprise—up in the balcony.

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Hot List 10.3.14

Adorable dog decor, a cashmere cape, and the prettiest reading glasses we’ve seen.

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Hot List 8.22.14

Fall’s first must-have boot, agrarian art, and Vegetabowls pottery (get it?).

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Glam Metallics Make a Statement

An architectural copper chair, glam high-tops, and Greek-key glassware.

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Inhabit Shop Moves into Irvington

You might have seen Inhabit’s organic-cotton sheets and duvets on TV: The 400-thread-count products bedeck Marshall and Lily’s bed on How I Met Your Mother.