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Gen Con

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Best Of Gen Con 2018

As with movies, the best marketing can’t turn a dud into a treasure.

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The 10 Greatest Things I Saw At My First Gen Con

“It’s like learning what ice cream sundaes are, and then being told to go make yourself one using three million toppings.”

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How To Win At Gen Con

Move ahead one space to learn what you’ve been missing, regardless of your gaming experience.

Christopher Newgent
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A Changing Of The Guard: Gen Con Turns 50

“I’ve never seen this many people in one place.” My nephew, Chad, stood overlooking the grand hall of the Indianapolis Convention Center. An 11-year-old gamer and self-proclaimed nerd, this was his first Gen Con. His eyes gaped as he watched the sold-out crowd of 61,000 swarm below, pointing out people costumed as his favorite characters. […]

Fountain Square
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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: Staff Picks

Where to check out Gen Con costumes, what to see at the State Fair, a winery concert, and more.

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Gen Con: Worlds Collide

Gen Con will be held at the Indiana Convention Center August 4 to 7. This instruction manual to the multiverse of cosplay—dressing up as fictional characters—will help you tell an orc from a drow when they descend on downtown this month.

Gen Con Steampunk Oc3
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August Events in Indy: 10 Reasons to Get out During the Dog Days of Summer

Indy Monthly sifted through the city’s top events—there’s plenty going on all month long.

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Culture Warriors: LGBT Battlefield

“RFRA was embarrassing, but Pence hasn’t won elections by championing LGBT causes. And he still wields the veto pen, which is mighty indeed.”

Game Paradise
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Fountain Square’s Game Paradise: Movers and Shakers

Memorized the Cards Against Humanity deck? There’s a raunchier version.

Gen Con Steampunk Oc
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The Most Uncomfortable-Looking Costumes at Gen Con

Meet the Gen Con-ers who wore jumping stilts, proton packs, and head-to-toe swamp outfits despite the summer heat.

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Unspoken Rules of Gen Con

The food trucks on Georgia Street are busy, but the people-watching in line might be worth it.

Gen Con
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Gaming Enthusiasts Are Gathering en Masque in Indy

Molly McDaniels navigated the Georgia Street blockade with a Starbucks iced coffee, a cup from Island Noodles, and handmade chain mail.

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Live Updates from Gen Con

Shields or tables? Only a question at #GenCon.

Geek Chic custom gaming table
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Pop-Up Shops Arrive with Gen Con

Custom gaming furniture and chic local finds fill temporary stores this week.

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The Hoosierist: Criminal Rinds

Some freedom-crushing wonk in the Beech Grove junta decided that watermelon rinds stuffed into public garbage containers punctured the plastic bags and made a mess.