Greg Ballard

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Talk It Up: No Mean City

Through a print publication and a website with stories celebrating Indy’s quirky residents, neighborhoods, and attractions, No Mean City aims to inspire more people to live in Marion County.

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Brian Payne’s Next Big Idea

“Sure, I talk to people who say, ‘You’re an outlier. People don’t want transportation to be an adventure,’” Payne says. “But plenty of folks agree with me.”

Trump picked up an endorsement from Bob Knight before Indiana
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No, Really—Pence Could Be Trump’s VP Pick

If Pence is chosen, next Wednesday through Friday could become three of the most interesting days in the history of Indiana politics, setting off a ‘Game of Thrones’–like power scramble within the state GOP.

The Beat
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Will Ballard’s Cycling Agenda Leave Office When He Does?

“Coming into office, I knew we were way behind many other cities,” Ballard says.

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Mayor Ballard to Lead IN Pride Parade

The first time in the parade’s history that a sitting mayor has served as grand marshal.

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Pat McAfee on Being a Hoosier in May

“I love Indiana,” said McAfee. “It’s my home. I stay here year round and will always stay here.”

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Photos: 500 Festival Month of May ‘Kickoff’ on Monument Circle

IM staff photographer Tony Valainis was on hand to capture the moments.

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RFRA: What You Might Have Missed

RFRA has sparked widespread outrage.

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RecycleForce Can’t Lose*

It puts ex-cons in jobs and off the street, but the nonprofit has funding issues that might undermine its mission.

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Under the Gun: Indy’s Tale of Two Cities

Indianapolis does not have a gun problem or a homicide problem or a crime problem or a socioeconomic problem or a drug problem. It has an all-of-the-above problem.

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Tweets of the Week: Obama Does Indy Edition

Via @GoIndyGo: “You know Indy is a world class city when we can handle the President of the United States and @DaveCoulier on the same day.”

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Tweets of the Week: A Manning Thanksgiving, Circle of Lights & More

Ever wonder how holidays play out in the House of Manning? This looks about right.

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Deborah Paul Talks Retail Politics

Given my experience and obvious affinity for Keystone at the Crossing, no one is better qualified to be mayor of the area than I.

September 2014 - Tabernacle Sports
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Indy Church Youth Sports Program Turns 90

“We were one of the biggest and best church-sponsored programs in the country,” says Byers. “Race was never really an issue.”

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Local Notables Paint the Town Yellow for Lemonade Day

“There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll be hearing about these kids down the road,” Jones said, “doing extraordinary things in our community and beyond.”