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Hamilton County

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Carmel’s Shortage of Low-Income Housing is About to Get Worse

“You want your latte,” says one Carmel resident. “You want your dry cleaning in 24 hours. If you want to keep service workers for these things, they have to be able to live here.”

Steve Hilbert
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Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous: Steve and Tomisue Hilbert in the ’90s

Then there’s the house, the most visible manifestation of Steve Hilbert’s megabucks lifestyle. Built over several years by Hilbert and his ex-wife, it embodies the sort of wealth that even some nations would envy.

Melania Trump
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Dumpster Fire of the Vanities: John Menard, Steve Hilbert, and the Midwestern Nouveau Riche

With Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump dragged into the fray, the feud was no longer just a regional skirmish pitting a flamboyant Hoosier millionaire against a meat-and-potatoes billionaire from America’s Dairyland. It was a critical mass of heavyweight egos, with jealously guarded private lives hung out on the courthouse clothesline.

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Raising the Barn: A Review of Rail Epicurean Market

Rail Epicurean Market has the kind of hidden-gem quality that tempts people to keep it all to themselves.

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Main Attraction: A Review of 10 West

Diners belly up to a gleaming custom-made community table crafted from bark-on slabs of poplar to devour 10-ounce Delmonicos and 14-ounce New York strips freshly cut at the nearby Cicero Market and Harbour Market.