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health and fitness

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This Local Fitness Invention Is Perfect For Home Workouts

“People say they are about three to four times harder than a traditional pushup.”

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Last-Minute Mini-Marathon Advice from Frank Shorter

If you can carry on a conversation while you’re running along, you’re not going too hard.

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Video: Michelle Obama on ‘Lil Bub’s Big Show’

When you pair the first lady and a celebrity cat, the result is, in the parlance of Web gurus, click-bait. Or, if you prefer, click-catnip.

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My Best of Indy: Katie Stam Irk

“What you put in your body is more important than what you put on it,” says Miss America 2009. “I consider food to be a beauty product.”

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Best of Indy: Health & Beauty

See our picks for best trendy workout, rockin’ spinning class, healthy snack, yoga retreat, blowout bar, and more.

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Street Savvy: Butler-Tarkington

Headed to Clowes Memorial Hall? Oh Yumm! Bistro serves the best pre-show light dinner in the neighborhood.

Karena Dawn
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Thigh Master: Meet Hoosier Karena Dawn

She’s kooky—and she has the whole brains-beauty-brawn package.

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Nine Indy Workout Hotspots

Calorie-burns fit for fun summer living. Ready for Zumba in the pool and spinning to Poison?