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Getting Ripped: Tracy Anderson

Anderson says she wants to focus on the future, one that now looks glamorous. But her liabilities, brought on by years of financial missteps, keep her tethered to the past—and to Central Indiana.

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Best of Indy: Health & Beauty

We bring you the best in fitness, pampering, and wholesome foods in the 2015 Best of Health & Beauty.

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Unspoken Rules of the Mini-Marathon

Book your post-race massage now. Think you could use a Porta-Potty pre-race? Just do it.

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The Shopportunist: Eva Maison Skincare

A Midtown beauty boutique has a surprising island connection—and the world’s only stock of Aruba Aloe outside of its native country.

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Best Indy Spas: Heaven Scent

This spot makes the most of its location in the historic Circle Tower building.

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Unspoken Rules of NIFS

Lunges around the 200m track? Fine. Holding hands with someone? Side-eye.

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Best Indy Spas: Massage A Trois

Try this if you have a very understanding partner.

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Best Indy Spas: Sweet Indulgence

The result: Baby-soft limbs and a mani that should last two weeks.

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Best Indy Spas: Fancy Footwork

Every 13-year-old girl’s fantasyland, with hot-pink fuzzy rugs, cheeky signs, and orb chandeliers

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Best Indy Spas: Nailed It

With a fleet of flatscreen TVs, this spot puts the “man” in manicure.

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Best Indy Spas: Buff Enough

Get right with the idea of having your face stroked for an hour. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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Best Indy Spas: Wrap Star

It’s hard to tell if the body wrap actually lived up to its detoxifying claims, but I certainly felt—and looked—healthier.

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Best Indy Spas: Sea of Tranquility

Everything—even a small Aveda shop—is positioned around a pool that’s under a peaked glass greenhouse ceiling.

Romantique pink short robe (Woodhouse Day Spas)
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Nine Praiseworthy Products at Indy Spas

Treat yourself!

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The Checkups: Indy Health News About Memory, Hearts & More

Some patients are bypassing the bypass anymore.