Historic Indianapolis

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Backtrack: Extra! Extra!

It was the early years of the Great Depression, and parents were struggling to make ends meet. So Fannie Caldwell Stewart, owner and publisher of the Indianapolis Recorder, and her son, Marcus C. Stewart, decided that the city’s African-American newspaper was going to throw a picnic for its carriers and their families. That August 1930 […]

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Carole Lombard's Swan Song

Indiana has a lengthy history of patriotism. We’re headquarters to the American Legion; second only to Washington, D.C., in the number of war memorials; and at the heart of our city, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument stretches into the sky. One month to the day after the United States declared war on Japan, an Indianapolis […]

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Window Dressing: Remembering Christmas Windows of L.S. Ayres

Most lifelong Indianapolis residents over the age of 40 still light up like a twinkling star at the mention of L.S. Ayres’s Christmas windows.

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Political Campaigning from 1888, Benjamin Harrison’s “Front Porch” Campaign

Before political campaigning was a big dollar national venture, Benjamin Harrison addressed more than 300,000 people in 80-plus speeches from his front porch.

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Backtrack: Dark Shadows

Irvington has a storied history of spooks and scares—and a much more sinister saga of true-life horror.

Arsenal Tech printing press
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Backtrack: Arsenal Tech, A Mecca for Printers

Tiffany Benedict Browne of Historic Indianapolis remembers when Arsenal Tech was once a master printers’ mecca.

Mahogany wardrobe
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Historic Indianapolis Blogger Is Having an Estate Sale

Our favorite finds from a treasure trove of fur wraps, costume jewelry, and Art Deco furniture—ending Wednesday.

Garfield Park Greenhouse
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Flashback Friday: Garfield Park’s Greenhouse

Though the greenhouse is long gone, Garfield Park’s legacy of opulent floral displays lives on.

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