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Eskenazi Has A History With Epidemics

During a smallpox epidemic, Indianapolis built its first hospital—in the middle of a swamp.

A historical interpreter stands along a fence post, dressed in 19th century garb.
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Bill Wilkinson, Historical Interpreter

What it’s like being one of those historical re-enactors at Conner Prairie.

Historic black and white photograph of a cultural exposition.
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Backtrack: Indy’s First Black Expo

From that first weekend to the 11-day extravaganza it is today, Black Expo has blossomed.

Historic black and white photo of a wedding day.
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Backtrack: Before Jonestown

The details of Jim Jones’s wedding to Marceline Baldwin belied the bizarre twists their life together would take.

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Backtrack: Indianapolis Soap Box Derby

For these boys and girls, the most important car race of the year isn’t the Indianapolis 500; it’s the Soap Box Derby.

Cincinnati Holocaust Center
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Day Trip: New Holocaust & Humanity Center In Cincinnati

The permanent memorial center holds more than 700 artifacts, as well as a replica of a historic Holocaust site.

default featured image
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Backtrack: Thanksgiving Parade

Lined up for a Thanksgiving parade, the neatly attired Station K newsboys in this photograph look like fresh-faced youngsters straight out of central casting.

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Backtrack: William E. English

An officer and a gentleman.

Grand Hotel
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Destination Hotels: Grand Hotel

Liveried coachman await guests at the ferry dock on Mackinac Island and transport them to the hotel by carriage.

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Backtrack: Past Blue Ribbon

Indianapolis Brewing Company took the gold ribbon at every World’s Fair between 1900 and 1915.

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Backtrack: Extra! Extra!

It was the early years of the Great Depression, and parents were struggling to make ends meet. So Fannie Caldwell Stewart, owner and publisher of the Indianapolis Recorder, and her son, Marcus C. Stewart, decided that the city’s African-American newspaper was going to throw a picnic for its carriers and their families. That August 1930 […]

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Indianapolis Indians Players Make History

There is a massive difference between someone saying they grew up on the baseball diamond, and someone actually being raised on a baseball diamond. Gift Ngoepe embodies the latter. Born in Pietersburg, South Africa, Ngoepe and his two brothers were raised by their single mother in one room in the clubhouse of their local Randburg […]

Frank Lloyd Wright
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Do The Wright Thing: A Special Occasion For The Architect’s Masterpieces

Named the “all-time greatest work of American architecture” by the American Institute of Architects, Fallingwater in southwestern Pennsylvania sits perched, as its name suggests, on the precipice of a waterfall in a pristine wooded setting.

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Street Savvy: Audubon Road in Irvington

One of Irvington’s original arteries makes a comeback.

Mike Tyson leaving police car in Indianapolis
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A Lawyer’s Look At The Mike Tyson Rape Trial

At least 15 critical mistakes led directly to Tyson’s conviction.