Holy Cross

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Street Savvy: Holy Cross

Downtown views and a tight-knit feel make this the hottest eastside neighborhood.

A green park overlooks downtown Indianapolis
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The House With A View

“We had a Realtor come over to give us an idea of what our home was worth. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.”

View More: https://thehomeaesthetic.pass.us/402-n-highland
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For Sale: Downtown’s Most Spectacular View

The only thing that can compete with this house’s dominant feature is Lucas Oil Stadium’s retractable window.

June 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, June 2016: The Closing of Holy Cross

The bell tolls for the Church of the Holy Cross, a near-eastside landmark closing its doors that was beloved by members and neighbors alike.

December Cover 2015
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Editor’s Note, December 2015: Good Fences, Better Neighbors

When you live in close quarters, you may have no more between you and your neighbors than some drywall.

Photo by Tony Valainis
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Hot Neighborhoods: Holy Cross

While it doesn’t yet rival the likes of Fletcher Place, Holy Cross may soon be pushing boundaries—quite literally.