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At Home: Shannon and Peter Brasovan’s Backyard

The owners of CrossFit NapTown practice the same holistic lifestyle their business preaches at this cheery urban homestead.

August 2014 cover
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Indianapolis Monthly Gets Seven 2015 CRMA Award Nominations

More than 100 judges from the likes of Vanity Fair, ESPN the Magazine, and The New Yorker picked the finalists.

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My Chicken Coop: Agrarian Co-Owner Anne Collins

“Most of the chickens are females, so the space needed a little glamorous touch.”

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Indy DIY: Hone Your Skills with Crafting Classes

Grab your crochet needles and your woodworking bench. It’s time to get crafty with these do-it-yourself classes.

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U-Pick Farm Favorites Around Indianapolis

Hop in the car and bring your basket—these Indiana U-pick farms will be ripe and ready soon

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Indy DIY: Goats Are the New Chickens

Got your goat? You better. These kids are the new chickens when it comes to backyard flocks.

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Q&A: Raising Chickens with Kim Purucker

Local urban farmer Kim Purucker gives us the inside coop—ahem, scoop—on what it’s like raising backyard chickens

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Indy DIY: Ask a Sewing Sage

Needle-and-thread guru Ann Luther has some words of advice for sewing newbies.

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Indy DIY: 21 Lovely Products to Help Your Homesteading

Land the goods to make your homesteading life easier.

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Indy DIY: Backyard Gardening Classes

From planting herbs in containers to becoming a master gardener, these sessions will help you discover your roots.

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Indy DIY: Get Pickled (and Preserved) Classes

Local doyenne Suzanne Krowiak presides over Slow Food Indy’s pickling and canning class, nimbly leading the paired-off students through the brass tacks of Ball jars, safe pH levels, recipe assembly, spoilage warnings, and vacuum sealing.

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Indy DIY: Honey Do! Find a Local Bee Mentor

Central Indiana bee clubs help new hive-keepers adjust.

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Editor's Note: April 2014

There’s a satisfaction in being able to provide for yourself, something that my great-grandmother understood.