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Speed Read: Romeo Langford

Freshman phenom or one-and-done?

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The Hoosierist: Our Bounty Of Counties

“Back in the early 1800s, when Indiana’s political map was drawn, that many counties seemed about right.”

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Victor Oladipo’s Drive

“If y’all don’t respect the Indiana Pacers now, I have no respect for you.”

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Archie Miller’s Greatest Challenge

“Whether you do or do not talk to New Albany coach Jim Shannon, that’s not changing your chances of getting Romeo Langford,” one recruiting analyst says.

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Fan Friction: Indiana's Epic Rivalry

Indiana basketball’s defining rivalry rekindles twice in February with two new episodes of a series Purdue currently leads by a reasonably commanding 115–89. Here’s what got (and kept) the ball rolling:

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No Surprise: Butler Does It Again (and Again, and Again)

Bow down, Hoosier fans. National powerhouse Butler has THE Indiana basketball program.

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Basketball Diary: Hoosiers Behind the Scenes

To the extent that Milan’s victory inspired ‘Hoosiers,’ one could argue that ‘Hoosiers’ returned the favor, enshrining the game in the country’s collective sports-history consciousness. And here, to mark the 50th anniversary of the game that ‘Hoosiers’ celebrates, former Milan players and the film’s cast and crew hold court on making a sports movie for the ages.

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Teresa Sabatine: Film Indy’s Leading Lady

Maybe the fact that almost 40 states already have film tax incentives just makes hers a better story—one with parallels to Hoosiers itself.

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Hoosier Halloween: Spooky Shows and Films with Indy Connections

“I couldn’t get past episode three or four. Too scary.”

September 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, September 2016: My Heart and the Heartland

“I’ll be stocking up on “317” T-shirts—even though the things I’ll miss most about the city can’t be packed in a moving van.”

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Mistakes Were Made: 9 Biggest Gaffes of the Indiana Primary

Indiana’s once-in-a-lifetime moment in the political sun has had a way humbling all five presidential candidates, as we’ve welcomed them into our watering holes, pancake houses, ice cream shops, and gymnasiums.

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Caught in the Middle: What Is Indiana’s Brand?

Starting now, Hoosiers will mark two centuries of Indiana history with a yearlong party. But what, exactly, are we commemorating?

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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Hoosiers Screening & Jersey

Don’t get caught watching the paint dry—snap up tickets to the Hoosiers screening and a Hickory jersey before the buzzer.

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The Replay: Tom Crean, Wabash College, and Notre Dame

DePauw wanted to end Wabash’s six-game Monon Bell win streak. It didn’t go so well.

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Q&A with Local Filmmaker Angelo Pizzo

“I hate using the term ‘tearjerker’ because it’s so pejorative, but it’s almost impossible not to choke up watching this.”

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