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Hot-Button Issues

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Sticky Wicket: Will Indy Get On Board with Cricket?

Tickets just went on sale for the U.S. Cricket National Championships in August. But wondering (aloud) what we might have paid for instead has already made for compelling sport.

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Hot-Button Issues: Battle in the 'Burbs

“I think Jim Brainard has done some great things for this city, but I do think it’s time for a different skill set,” says Carmel city councillor Rick Sharp. Sounds like a campaign message.

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Hot-Button Issues: Affordable Care Attack

In Indiana, the fight against Obamacare still has a pulse.

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Hot-Button Issues: Paying To Play

Virtually no city official wants to lose a pro franchise on his or her watch—especially with a bid to host another Super Bowl in 2018 still in play.

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Hot-Button Issues: Cop Out

Councillor John Barth proposed a bipartisan study to help determine how many officers Indy really requires, so the Council can work on a long-term plan. “We need to take politics out of policing,” he says.

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Hot-Button Issues: Under the Bus

Since boosters first kicked the tires on the idea of upgrading public transportation in 2008, efforts to get the General Assembly to approve a funding referendum have proceeded in starts and stops.

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Hot-Button Issues: Down on the Farm

The Hoosier livestock industry makes more than $2.5 billion a year and “has seen growth in almost every livestock sector.” But for a group that’s doing so well, animal-farmers sure seem defensive.

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Fat Gay Marriage Debate

The measure must win simple majorities in both Statehouse chambers again this year before the question is popped to Hoosier voters. Let the pots and pans fly.