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The IMAX Theater At Indiana State Museum Turns Ready Player One Into A Game For All Of Us

The IMAX Theater at Indiana State Museum is embracing our theory that downtown is one giant playground.

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Downtown IMAX Scores Special Star Wars Screenings

Experience The Last Jedi on the state’s largest screen that’s nearly ten Harrison Fords tall and fifteen Mark Hamills wide.

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Award-Winning Movie About Adult High-Schoolers Arrives At IMAX

Gregory Henson, a single father and former drug dealer looking to turn his life around, slouches in a waiting room chair, hoping his baby will be okay.
It’s 3:28 a.m.
The last thing on his mind?
His Algebra I final in five-and-a-half hours.

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The New IMAX Movie Is a Very Big Deal

The film starts with a good 10 minutes showing dust swirling prismatically in space. It’s pure and beautiful.

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Harry Potter Comes Back to the (Seriously) Big Screen in Indy

Potterheads, get ready for a one-week movie marathon in celebration of the iconic series’ 15th anniversary.

Wrigley Field
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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend In Indy: Flat 12 Beach-Themed Film Night, Virtually Scaling El Capitan, and Antiquing at Society of Salvage

Pearl Jam in Chicago, Chef’s Night Off, an al fresco movie night, and more.

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Indy Gets a Unique Version of the New Star Wars Film

There are only 15 screens in the world where you’ll be able to see The Force Awakens exactly as it was shot, and one is in Indy.

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Q&A: Adam Carolla on His New Paul Newman Racing Documentary

“Honestly, I really do feel like if Paul were alive, I would love to just sit down and watch this movie with him,” says Carolla. “I don’t think he’d necessarily appreciate a retrospective on his film career, but I think he would love this movie.”

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Q&A: Paul Shoulberg, Writer of a New Film at IMAX

“A lot of filmmakers don’t shoot here because Indiana is one of those states that doesn’t have a tax break for filmmakers. Hopefully, that will change.”

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Medora Filmmakers Return to Roots, Tell Hoosier High Schoolers' Story

Granted permission to begin making their movie just two weeks before the season started, Cohn and Rothbart picked up and moved from where they lived in Ann Arbor to spend a year in Medora. Six hundred hours of footage later, the duo has an 82-minute film that Cohn says is all about identity.

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Holiday Classic 'Polar Express' Rolls into Indy IMAX

Kids can see a modern Christmas classic for free—if they get ready for bed early.

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Titans of the Ice Age IMAX Film Arrives at Indiana State Museum

Narrated by actor Christopher Plummer, the film features saber-toothed tigers, mastodons, and wooly mammoths, recreated by hit-or-miss CGI in their original habitats of beautifully depicted Utah and South Dakota, as they would have looked during the final days of the last of five Ice Ages our world has experienced.

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Great White Shark Film in IMAX Halts 'Shark Week' Mayhem

This smartly paced documentary film now showing at the Indiana State Museum comes across as a 40-minute visual love letter to “the predator we love to fear.”