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Drifting Backward: Deborah Paul On Bigotry

Now, virulent hate speech and frightening ideology called “alt right” or “white nationalism” are infiltrating the mainstream. Swastikas appear as graffiti, Holocaust deniers court the media, and bomb threats on Jewish community centers are commonplace.

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Why One Indy Tech-Industry Player Supports Refugee Resettlement

“It’s not just believing in it as a human and for humanity and for morality.”

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A Crossing to Bear: One Family’s Immigration Story

When Armando left, Maria worried about his journey. She worried about Liliana, who fell into fitful slumber every night, gasping for air between sobs. More than anything, Maria worried about the fragile ties holding her family together.

Kaw Lah applied for refugee status in 2009.
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The Survivor: A Burmese Refugee's Tale

Kaw Lah is one of thousands of refugees who have fled Myanmar in recent decades. Official statistics put the number of Burmese asylum-seekers in Indiana at around 15,000, but some estimate that as many as 20,000 have resettled here.