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Illustration showing young people riding electronic scooters.
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E-Scooters: Hell On Wheels

In Indy, e-scooters skidded into two-wheeled anarchy.

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The Couple Investigating The Death Of Their Daughter

Jessie Whitehouse was shot in her home last fall, and IMPD hasn’t yet publicly identified a suspect.

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Big City Problems: Danger Zone?

“Property crimes are the most common type,” says district commander Karen Arnett, “specifically thefts from vehicles.” Not surprising, given the 90,000-plus parking spaces downtown.

Christopher Wilburn
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My Gun Story: The IMPD Cop

After experiencing this and the emotional toll, some might hesitate to pull their gun again.

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Under the Gun: Indy’s Tale of Two Cities

Indianapolis does not have a gun problem or a homicide problem or a crime problem or a socioeconomic problem or a drug problem. It has an all-of-the-above problem.

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Art Watch: ‘Irvington Turns Up Freaks & Strange Things’

“It’s good testimony to what can happen when people who love their neighborhood come together.”

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Tweets of the Week: Bandwagons, Farmers Markets & Potholes

Via @colefarrell: “Walking downtown, I heard an older man refer to the farmers market as ‘that weekly veggie festival.’ I’m into it.”

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Tweets of the Week: Celebrities at IU, Rogue Geese & More

@IUBloomington offers the week’s best #humblebrag: “Just another day at IU (with Grammy Award winner Joshua Bell and Academy Award winner Meryl Streep).”

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Short of the Goal: A Soccer Hopeful, Murdered

What Daniel Foster knows for sure is that by 2:15 a.m., his brother lay in the club’s parking lot, blood seeping from his ear.

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Hot-Button Issues: The Straight Dope

Indianapolis is drawing heroin straight from Mexico and bypassing Chicago altogether—which might account for the high potency.

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Hot-Button Issues: Cop Out

Councillor John Barth proposed a bipartisan study to help determine how many officers Indy really requires, so the Council can work on a long-term plan. “We need to take politics out of policing,” he says.

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Indianapolis: Crime in 2013

Numbers don’t tell the whole story. Facts on the ground make us fear that crime is simply running amok, particularly in some of the city’s destination neighborhoods and at showcase attractions.

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The Undercover Files: Vice

“The guys around here are looking for trashy. I wear old, worn-out pants—I’ll even rub them around in the dirt. I’ll smudge my makeup, or maybe ruin my manicure. The idea is to look hard-luck, not sexy.”

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The Undercover Files: Narcotics

“I was introduced to an Outlaws biker once when I was buying meth. The guy pulled out a .44 black powder pistol that was almost a foot long and set it on the table to intimidate me.”

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The Hoosierist: Smoking Section

What are the Indianapolis Public Library’s most checked-out books? And more of your queries answered.