Indiana DNR

Illustration of a cyclist riding on a trail that also looks like a crane.
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Collision Course

Why mountain-bikers and environmentalists are on a collision course at Fort Harrison State Park.

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Save Yellowwood Efforts Cut Short

Timber-harvesting in Indiana state forests has increased by 400 percent since 2005.

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Deborah Paul’s Animal Attraction

This past winter, our attic became a haven for flying squirrels. These small tree-dwellers, a protected species in Indiana, banged around over our heads for nearly a week before we gave up and called a wildlife-management organization.

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The Hoosierist: Foraging and Beer-Drinking on Indiana Trails

Booze-related injuries are comparatively rare on Indiana trails. Of greater concern is the threat of dehydration, which can happen when you try to replenish your sweaty, overheated body with booze instead of H2O.

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Photo: Happy Hump Day from These Mating Turtles

The Indiana DNR has it that “Eastern box turtles are typically active from April to October.”