Indiana University

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Caught in the Middle: What Is Indiana’s Brand?

Starting now, Hoosiers will mark two centuries of Indiana history with a yearlong party. But what, exactly, are we commemorating?

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Hoosier Hall of Fame: In Defense of Bob Knight

He might not have the discipline he insisted on from others, but Hoosiers are richer for the contradiction.

At Home with Ernie Pyle
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‘At Home with Ernie Pyle’: An Excerpt

Compiling his writings about the state for the first time, a new book reveals just how important those Hoosier ties were to Pyle.

Opening Spread
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Literary Indiana: Meet the Presses

Three local publishing options for your book.

Mellencamp in 1980
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John Mellencamp’s 10 Greatest Indiana Shows

Here are our choices, presented in chronological order because we can’t really rank them. Well, except for maybe that one.

Dr. Debby Herbenick of IU
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Ask Me Anything: Dr. Debby Herbenick

The IU prof’s new book, The Coregasm Workout, released this month, explains exercise-induced orgasm.

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Straight No Chaser on Replacing Jim Nabors at the Indy 500

“We’re not nervous about the large audience. We’re nervous about the history of the song and the expectations that the people of Indiana have for that moment.”

John G. Roberts portrait
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Our Dream Commencement Speakers

“You can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are. And you can’t participate in our democracy if you don’t know how it works.” —Supreme Court justice John Roberts

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Hot Neighborhoods: Herron-Morton Place

It’s a five-minute drive from downtown—close enough for an enviable commute, but far enough away to feel like a sleepy suburb.

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Fred Glass: ‘No Truth’ to Rumors IU Might Replace Tom Crean

“I can say without equivocation that there is no truth to any of that stuff,” says Glass.

Chairs on the floor in Assembly Hall are, needless to say, not going anywhere now.
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Flashback: Knight Explains Chair Toss (Twice) to Letterman

”Do you have any furniture at all left in your house?” the Indy-born TV host asked The General.

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Tweets of the Week: IU vs. Purdue

Via @jakequery: “Sub zero temps and IU/Purdue trading punches. I missed you, 1994.”

Illustration by Lincoln Agnew
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Seeing Red: Will IU Basketball Fans Ever Like Tom Crean Again?

“Everybody’s expectations are the same—mine, Tom’s, Hoosier Nation, the players,” says Fred Glass. “Hang a sixth banner.”

Peyton Manning
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Money Ball: How Some NFL Players Might Make a Quick Buck

Some NFL players could be going back to school—at Indiana University—instead of packing for vacation.

Laverne Cox
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Laverne Cox Details Her Transgender Journey at IU

The last time this transgender icon set foot on IU’s Bloomington campus, she was a “gender–non-conforming” freshman in leopard-print bellbottoms.