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Q&A: Paul Shoulberg, Writer of a New Film at IMAX

“A lot of filmmakers don’t shoot here because Indiana is one of those states that doesn’t have a tax break for filmmakers. Hopefully, that will change.”

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Tweets of the Week: Obama Does Indy Edition

Via @GoIndyGo: “You know Indy is a world class city when we can handle the President of the United States and @DaveCoulier on the same day.”

Madame Walker Theatre
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Black History Month: Five Fun Indy Outings

Celebrate both West African and African-American art, history, and culture from a Hoosier perspective.

Polina Osherov, Pattern
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Q&A: Polina Osherov Talks What’s Next for Pattern

We’ve got the scoop on Ruckus, a fashion hub for local designers, set to open next year on the near-east side.

"You are Beautiful" cards
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: 'Beautiful' Cards

Scribble your warm wishes in these notecards featuring a lovely winter scene that’s totally Indianapolis.

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Author James Tadd Adcox Reimagines Indy in New Novel

“The Indianapolis of Does Not Love is the Indianapolis of my memory: strange, flat, a little lonely, filled with secrets that are just beyond one’s sight.”

Big Idea 1
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10 Big Ideas to Make Indy a Model City

Brainstorming the wildest, boldest, just-might-work ideas to make Indy a better place.

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Five Cities' Great Ideas That Could Work in Indy

Despite our city’s imperfections (and there are many), Indy is a great place. We thought it would be worthwhile to share five innovative ideas from across the globe that could work here.

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Editor's Note: August 2014

I have a prediction: Indy will look radically different by its 200th birthday—but not without a few outrageous ideas along the way.

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Where the #!*% Is Midtown in Indianapolis?

“The whole downtown/midtown/uptown thing started in New York because that city is narrow and vertical,” says Matt Hale. “We’re a radial city growing out in every direction from the center, so it’s a stretch to say Indy has a midtown.”

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A Rider's Take on Expanding Indy's Public-Transit System

Mike Terry, IndyGo president and CEO, claims that the benefits of expanding our public-transportation system would justify the cost. “This is about economic development, not social services.”

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Photos: Indy's Winter-Weather Snow Hijinks

Says Jim Borthwick of Noblesville, “Notice the close attention to detail, the cerebral forehead of Peyton [Manning] and Andrew [Luck]’s glorious neckbeard.”

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Best of Indy: Blank Slate

An author who spent a month working on a performance-art piece in Indianapolis reflects here on the upside of the city’s low profile.

A Brief Plunge Into The World of Indy
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A Brief Plunge into the Hidden World of Indy's Sewers

As I crept farther, panic finally set in. I was lost! The scurrying animals, which I could never quite see amid the ankle-deep muck of the tunnel, seemed to get more numerous.

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Over the Rainbow about Carmel

As a committed downtowner, I like to believe that Indy is the state’s cradle of cool. Sure, Bloomington mounts a serious challenge, and lately I keep hearing surprising things about Fort Wayne, but I never considered Carmel—stylish, yes, but not exactly hip—a hotbed of progressive sensibilities. Yesterday, I had to reconsider. Amid the news that the Indianapolis City-County Council has proposed domestic-partner benefits for municipal employees (28 years after Berkeley, California, became the first American city to do so), the Star pointed out that Carmel already has domestic-partner benefits in place.