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Indianapolis 500

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Driving Forces: Danger and Safety at the Indy 500

The race and related on-track activities have claimed the lives of at least 54 drivers, mechanics, IMS workers, and spectators since 1911. But innovation in safety procedures and technology have tempered the tragedy.

Rick Mears
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Rick Mears on the Indy 500 Win That Got Away

You’re fighting for fractions of a second all the time out there. That isn’t even a blink of an eye, but at the speeds you race at, that turns into footage. Half a car length, a car length—whatever it was. In my eyes, it was a mile.

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Photos from the First Indy 500 in 1911

In one image, a sampling of the 80,000-plus spectators take in the action from the fourth turn, some in the north grandstands and others from their own vehicles. Some fans appear somewhat more debauched—particularly the gentleman to the right of the rutted roadway who appears to be unconscious.

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Every Indianapolis 500 Winner

Pick your favorite decade. A look at every Indy 500 winner and their average speeds.

Max Chilton
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IndyCar Meet-and-Greet: Max Chilton

“Since I’ve been over here for a year and a half, I’ve had more success on ovals than I’ve had on road courses,” says Chilton. “Hopefully that pays dividends come May 29.”

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Indy 500 Parties Are Coming in Hot

You need a code to even browse tickets online for the hottest party on race weekend. Luckily, we have it.

Charlie Kimball
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Charlie Kimball Has Indy in His Blood Now

Driver Charlie Kimball has diabetes, but if anything in his blood is driving him to win, it’s not glucose. It’s the mystique of Indy.

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IMS Over the Years

The IMS has aged gracefully, aided by a few facelifts along the way. Take a look at some of the biggest upgrades over the years.

Michai Stephens
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Fast Forward: What Is the Indy 500’s Future?

Ride-along mechanics were a fixture into the late 1930s, and “Back Home Again” blared over the speakers for the first time in 1946. Point being, the Indy 500 and its traditions have had some tune-ups over the years.

Mikhail Aleshin
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IndyCar Meet-and-Greet: Mikhail Aleshin

“It is a team very hungry for victories,” Aleshin says. “It feels good to be back, and these guys mean a lot to me.”

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Chris Pine Tops List of Indy Month-of-May Celebs Announced Today

Pine is the latest addition to a 2016 roster of Indy 500 celebrities that so far includes Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, and homegrown Voice champ Josh Kaufman.

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See Tony Kanaan’s Month-of-May House

If you live in this family-friendly neighborhood, you might pass–or more likely, be passed by–the 2013 Indy 500 champ.

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Up to Speed: On Watching a Son’s First Indy 500

“It’s very nerve-wracking for me when Graham is racing,” says Bobby Rahal, “especially on ovals because of the speed.”

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Up to Speed: On Flying an IndyCar

“It was like, I don’t know, when you do a flip into a swimming pool,” says Castroneves. “I closed my eyes, because I didn’t want to see what was coming. ”

Paul Newman
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Up to Speed: On Driving for a Superstar Boss

“He was just a humble guy, super friendly, easy to talk to,” Bourdais recalls. “Then we walked into the lobby of the Hilton, and three or four ladies absolutely lost it.”