Indianapolis Art Center

Wrigley Field
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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend In Indy: Flat 12 Beach-Themed Film Night, Virtually Scaling El Capitan, and Antiquing at Society of Salvage

Pearl Jam in Chicago, Chef’s Night Off, an al fresco movie night, and more.

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DIY: Home Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops designed to grow your DIY know-how.

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My Look: Lindsay Cook’s Beaded Gown

“All of the undergarments you need are sewn in, which is a plus.”

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Culture Q&A: Walter Knabe

“I frequent the museums, including the wonderful Indianapolis Art Center,” Knabe says. “I don’t know of another one of that caliber anywhere else.”

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Indy DIY: Hone Your Skills with Crafting Classes

Grab your crochet needles and your woodworking bench. It’s time to get crafty with these do-it-yourself classes.

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Tweets of the Week: Celebrities at IU, Rogue Geese & More

@IUBloomington offers the week’s best #humblebrag: “Just another day at IU (with Grammy Award winner Joshua Bell and Academy Award winner Meryl Streep).”

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The Monon Trail Handbook: Tips, Secrets & More

From the Monon, the Nina Mason Pulliam Sensory Path at the Indianapolis Art Center looks like little more than a short, landscaped walk. But infrared sensors hidden among the plants detect passersby and trigger eerie sounds that are hard to locate.

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Mayor of the Monon Trail: Meet Bob Lee

“The Monon Trail served as a catalyst for bringing special people together in a way that genuinely amazes me,” says his daughter, Diane Scott.

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Monon Trail Rookie's Guide: 10 Dos and Don'ts

Don’t try to make new friends. Even so, the people-watching is first class. Just don’t gawk.

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Indianapolis Art Center's Summer Exhibit Opens

If you braved the heat a month ago at the 42nd Broad Ripple Art Fair, you probably remember cooling off indoors and wandering around one of the Indianapolis Art Center’s spacious, white-walled galleries. This month through August 5, you need not be hard-pressed for a reason to come back.