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Indianapolis Museum of Art

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Five Years Of “The Art Assignment”

“The art world with Kanye in it is a better, more open, and less elitist art world.”

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — Arts & Culture

Who says Hoosiers aren’t cultured?

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Remembering Indiana

“We should celebrate Robert Indiana today. The City of Indianapolis should have a yearly parade for Indiana. There never has been an artist who singularly represents this state, and this city with such … well, with such Indiana-ness.”

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Winterlights At Newfields

Newfields lights up the corner of 38th Street & Michigan.

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Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism?

An exhibition of graffiti at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is adding fuel to the debate over whether “aerosol art” is art or vandalism. City as Canvas: New York City Graffiti from the ’70s & ’80s, which opened October 7, follows the development of graffiti from simple tags to elaborate murals, and the […]

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The Hoosierist: What Happens if the Orangutans at the Zoo Fall?

“While the eight-story drop is more than enough to give The Hoosierist the willies, it’s not an issue for the orangutans, who swing hand-over-hand along the Hutan Trail (the name for those high cables) with aplomb.”

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Indy Film Fest Highlights Local Filmmaking

One of Indianapolis’s perennial cultural events of the year, the Indy Film Fest has returned for 10 days of independent films. The festival, which draws local, national, and international talent, got under way Thursday, July 13, and runs through Saturday, July 23 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indy Film Fest features movies across all genres, budgets, and […]

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A Preview Of The IMA’s New Mini Golf Course

Fans of the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Mini Golf, a wildly popular public program that debuted last year, will be happy to know the family-friendly activity is back. While last year’s theme paid homage to the state’s Bicentennial, this time around, local and regional artists were tasked with designing holes that centered on the outdoors. […]

Central Canal Towpath
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Hot On The Trails: Indy’s Central Canal Towpath

“The soft surface is a welcome deviation from pounding the pavement,” says Fox 59’s Larra Overton, a former college track athlete. “Especially when training for longer distances like the Monumental Marathon, extended trails with a variety of terrain and scenery are crucial.”

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The Ticket: The Patachou Foundation Speakers Forum

Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez, founder & CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, will lead a discussion at The Toby regarding economic enterprise and the social impact food businesses have on communities. The organization, established in 2007, funds on-the-job training to women of diverse backgrounds who face employment and language barriers in East Harlem. Hot Bread Kitchen sells […]

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The Feed: MOFOCO, Stella, And Tamika Catchings’s New Job

Who wants to go to chocolate-making camp?

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The Fallout from the IMA’s Admission Hike

“If we could get to where we really have 400,000 visitors a year, that would be large,” the museum’s CEO says. “That would be a stretch goal. It’s going to be very hard to do in a city the size of Indianapolis.”

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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: The Light Festival, Dig IN, and Mab Graves’s Pop-Up

Exotic food, new beer, and how to see downtown’s first-ever light show.

As seen on brides (and sisters) Alice and Margaret Landon, the dress length of the day revealed ankles in decorative silk stockings above bejeweled satin heels.
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Tying the Knots at the IMA

A double wedding on a fine June evening nearly a century ago graced the IMA grounds.

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Catch Bicentennial Fever: Great Ways to Salute Indiana in 2016

Indiana is going all out to salute the big 2-0-0. Want to get in the Hoosier State spirit? We have a few ideas.