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Hoosier Connections at Indy Film Fest

The movies in this year’s Indy Film Fest that have Indiana connections are as diverse as the rest of the entries in the lineup: A love story about a girl and the search for just the right chair, Crush by Rebecca Pugh (co-directed with Jen West); a thriller about a home invasion gone wrong, Home Security from Kate Chaplin; and a road trip movie about old friends, Billi & Theodore by Ronald Short. These are just three of the films in the Hoosier Lens category in the festival’s ninth year.

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'Snapshot' Exhibit Comes to IMA

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a new exhibit highlighting the influence of photography on Post-Impressionist painters. “Snapshot” combines paintings and photos with information on the photographic technology available at the time to the seven artists featured.

Maxwell Anderson, Maxwell Anderson, Indianapolis Monthly, December 2011
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What I Know: Maxwell Anderson

Age: 55  Gig: Director and CEO of the Indianapolis Museum of Art  Good showing: Under his leadership, the IMA organized the U.S. Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, opened a sculpture park, acquired the Miller House, and added a formidable Design Arts collection

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Modern Family: The Miller Home

The only details left uncovered are the homeowners’ identities and the whereabouts of the house itself. The mystery location of the house did little to stem the tide of attention for it.