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Indianapolis Zoo

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The Hoosierist: The Longest Mile

The Mini folks charitably call it the “back-of-the-pack bus,” but The Hoosierist prefers its unofficial title: the meat wagon.

A sign at the Indianapolis Zoo welcomes guests to xZOOberance
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Indianapolis Zoo Welcomes Spring With New Festival

Farewell winter blues.

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Local Cultural Events With New Wrapping

Some packages benefit from a seasonal sprucing-up.

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Rob Shumaker, Zoo President

Not all orangutans are the same. Some female apes love babies. Others couldn’t care less. Some are loners. Others, more social. “There is such remarkable individual variation that we have to acknowledge and appreciate it,” Shumaker says.

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The Hoosierist: What Happens if the Orangutans at the Zoo Fall?

“While the eight-story drop is more than enough to give The Hoosierist the willies, it’s not an issue for the orangutans, who swing hand-over-hand along the Hutan Trail (the name for those high cables) with aplomb.”

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Pacers Go Bananas at the Zoo

As part of Pacers Go Green Week, forward Solomon Hill and guard Joe Young had an up-close encounter with the some of the Indianapolis Zoo’s newest residents yesterday.

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Top Five Free Museums on MLK Day

Among the MLK Day events is storyteller Portia Jackson speaking about courageous children from the Civil Rights Movement at the Children’s Museum.

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The Hoosierist: Little Uproar

“You would think the beasts wouldn’t feel comfortable in an environment that blazes like the Vegas strip.”

MiniFab beard comb
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Hot List 7.13.15

Cute stuff for now, cute stuff for later.

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Root Awakening: Advice From Veteran Gardeners

Gardening advice from veteran green thumbs.

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Best of Indy: Arts & Culture

They say the best bands are greater than the sum of their parts. In the case of The Last IV, the parts are pretty excellent themselves.

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Best of Indy: 10 Holiday Pick-Me-Ups

The film selection sometimes strays a long way from the genre at Roving Cinema’s annual party. Even so, it’s one of our 10 Best of Indy holiday picks.

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Peer Inside the Indy Zoo's New Animal House

“Orangutans are so patient and clever,” says Rob Shumaker, Indy Zoo VP. “They will never stop trying to disassemble their environment.”

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Video: Meet The Indy Zoo's New Orangutans

Eight of the redheads swing into town as the International Orangutan Center opens on May 24.

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The Hoosierist: Spelled Out

The Hoosierist always figured television station call letters were burped out by a computer in the basement of the FCC’s headquarters. Boy, was he wrong.