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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: The Light Festival, Dig IN, and Mab Graves’s Pop-Up

Exotic food, new beer, and how to see downtown’s first-ever light show.

Wrigley Field
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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend In Indy: Flat 12 Beach-Themed Film Night, Virtually Scaling El Capitan, and Antiquing at Society of Salvage

Pearl Jam in Chicago, Chef’s Night Off, an al fresco movie night, and more.

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Three Unusual Shows Coming To IndyFringe

IndyFringe hosts 384 performances in 11 days during the IndyFringe Theatre Festival. We found three most unusual shows coming to the stage.

IndyFringe Indy Eleven
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Welcome to the New Indy Eleven Theatre

Pauline Moffat remembers thinking: “Here’s a man with vision. He’s starting at a grassroots level with soccer, just as the Fringe did with performance.”

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Theater of the Absurd: Our 10 Favorite IndyFringe Shows

“It was outrageous, and the audience gave a standing ovation,” says Pauline Moffat of A**holes & Aureoles. “That was the night I knew IndyFringe audiences were open-minded and ready for the next generation of uncensored and unjuried fringe performances.”

Know No Stranger delivers Optical Popsicle, an annual fest of art, fun, and frozen delights.
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12 Indie Arts Groups Transforming the City's Scene

“Now, in addition to having a vibrant local food/local beer movement, [Indianapolis has] a parallel local arts movement.”

Jen Con
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Nine Can't-Miss 2014 IndyFringe Performances

This year’s Indy Fringe includes bike races, puppets, dead presidents, and a closet full of anti-Semitic squirrels.

Moffat takes center stage.
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Q&A: Pauline Moffat Talks IndyFringe Favorites

“WFYI is producing a documentary on IndyFringe that will air around the country in August,” she says.

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26 Great Indy Dates

From summertime fireworks to Holiday festivities, we’ve got you covered on what’s happening in the Circle City.

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Taking the Show on the Road: 4 Imagined Art Vehicles

A caravan of imagined art vehicles, inspired by the campaign to build an Indy Fringe Truck that will bring theater to festivals across the state.

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We're Sold! Great Bids at Going, Going, Gone

Regarding the Flowbee, no one remembers who won, but the auctioneer made good use of the “hair today, gone tomorrow” slogan.

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Monon Trail Rookie's Guide: 10 Dos and Don'ts

Don’t try to make new friends. Even so, the people-watching is first class. Just don’t gawk.

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IndyFringe, Part IV: A New Hope

[See parts I, II and III of this 2012 IndyFringe series for more on the 2012 festival.]

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IndyFringe Reviews, Part III: Did That Really Just Happen?

[See parts I and II to this 2012 IndyFringe series here and here.]

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IndyFringe Reviews, Part II: Who You Gonna Call? Spirit Fighters!

After marathoning through three shows in a row on my first IndyFringe outing, I decided to slow down a little for day two, taking in one insanely funny musical and hitting up the Beer Tent for a little Brazilian flair.