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A new mass transit station ready for bus travel.
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IndyGo: Putting Down Routes

Will we get on board with the new Red Line?

A person boards a city bus from the sidewalk
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Red Line: Our How-To Guide

Mass transit in Indy is about to look a whole lot different.

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Red Line Wars

A field guide to Red Line haters, who lost the war but will likely keep up their battle cries.

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November’s Transit Referendum: A Lot on the Line

Both sides agree the referendum will drastically impact the future of Indianapolis.

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Brian Payne’s Next Big Idea

“Sure, I talk to people who say, ‘You’re an outlier. People don’t want transportation to be an adventure,’” Payne says. “But plenty of folks agree with me.”

Francisco Gonzalez
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This Is My Stop: Photos of IndyGo Riders

“I think we tend to focus on how divided we are. But there are so many fascinating people living in Indianapolis. I love getting to hear their stories one person at a time on the bus.”

BlueIndy electric car
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The Hoosierist: Bald Eagles at the Fashion Mall

Pretty soon, they’ll be swooping in for French fries from the Cheesecake Factory patio.

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The Hoosierist: The Third Degree

In theory, pretty much anyone can do the weather. And back in Old Timey Times, pretty much anyone—including David Letterman—did.

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The Hoosierist: Dropping the Ball

How did the Pacers get their name? And why do some IndyGo buses make a melodic whistling noise?

Big Idea 1
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10 Big Ideas to Make Indy a Model City

Brainstorming the wildest, boldest, just-might-work ideas to make Indy a better place.

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The Coolest Local-Pride Tees

Show your affection for the Circle City in style.

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A Rider's Take on Expanding Indy's Public-Transit System

Mike Terry, IndyGo president and CEO, claims that the benefits of expanding our public-transportation system would justify the cost. “This is about economic development, not social services.”

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The Hoosierist: Butt of the Joke

Q: Recent surveys place Indiana among the fattest states and high on the list for smoking. Are there any surveys that rank the state high for something good?