James Alexander Thom

James Alexander Thom admires the McCormick
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James Alexander Thom on the Indiana State Parks Centennial

“I can’t run like that anymore—I’m not what I used to be. But that place is exactly what it used to be because it’s a state park and has been protected.”

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The Indiana Beard Hall of Fame

Grow your ode to the bearded state! As Fishers shop Vardagen reminded us with “The Bearded State” tee, we’ve compiled our Indiana Beard Hall of Fame.

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Hoosier Hall of Fame: The Indiana Authors

If you skipped these classic Hoosier reads in high school, consider this your tl;dr— “too long; didn’t read” in social-media shorthand—synopsis.

Frank Bill
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Literary Indiana: Fiction

Vonnegut isn’t all Indiana has to offer.