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January 2015

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Indy’s Great Steakhouses: Fleming’s

Fleming’s takes a laidback approach to steak, one that will not judge you for requesting a side of the house F17 steak sauce for dunking.

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Indy’s Great Steakhouses: Eddie Merlot’s

A steakhouse chain with women in mind, cultivating a warmer aesthetic than that of conventional manly temples of beef.

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Indy’s Great Steakhouses: Harry & Izzy’s

Loosen your collar; cast off your jacket. The gorgeously marbled bone-in ribeye at Harry & Izzy’s doesn’t mind.

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Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Is Keeping Score

The ICO has concocted a reality TV-style showdown between three finalists to replace maestro Kirk Trevor.

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How to Eat a Steak Without Busting Your Budget

Which inexpensive steaks are worth the effort? Get the scoop.

Lobster mac
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Indy’s Eight Best Steakhouse Side Dishes

Ladies and gentlemen, starch your engines for this tasting guide.

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My Look: Michelle Pemberton’s Vintage Cowboy Boots

“To get that really good shape, you have to go either vintage or high-end.”

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Everywhere We Look: Wood Goods

Boots, eyeglass frames, and even a bowtie made of lumber

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Realty Check: What $950K Gets You on North Meridian Street

This stately, three-story Colonial Revival was built in 1918, and the address still impresses almost a century later.

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Why Indy’s Creative Class Loves Evansville Right Now

In 2012, staffers at an Evansville museum discovered an original Picasso, mislabeled, that had been stored unnoticed for nearly 50 years.

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Peek Inside the Home of the Future

Want to climb the wall in Game of Thrones? Facebook’s virtual-reality technology will give gamers a taste of frightening cognitive dissonance.

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Saving Grace: Restoring a Lavish Indy Manor

See the impressive restoration of an English manor–style home, originally the Lacy mansion, on Indianapolis’s northwest side.

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Top Drawer: Indy Chefs’ Tried-and-True Kitchen Tools

What do the top chefs in town have that you don’t? These handy tools.

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Know Your USDA Grades

Indiana Beef Council executive vice president Joe Moore explains the differences among Prime, Choice, Select, and Standard.

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ShopTalk: Younique Culture

This rare west-suburban indie shop draws comparisons to Dottie Couture.