July 2015

Thunderbird Table
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No. 1: Thunderbird

But that’s what happens when you pour such inventive, balanced drinks: People storm the place.

Plat 99
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No. 2: Plat 99

Here, cocktail-making (and -drinking) is elevated to an art.

Union 50
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No. 3: Union 50

Competing with the slew of Union 50excellent cocktail bars along Mass Ave is a tall order. Even taller? The spectacular 20-foot-high wall of backlit liquor bottles at Union 50.

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No. 4: Libertine Liquor Bar

The late shift caters to staff members of nearby restaurants, and they pack the place in the wee hours. Who knows a great bar better than they do?

Margaritas at Bakersfield
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No. 5: Bakersfield Mass Ave

Bakersfield serves every cool-bar element from the last few years: exposed brick, Edison bulbs, and Mason-jar margaritas that pack a punch.

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No. 6: Hotel Tango

A large stone fireplace anchors the center of the barroom, with exposed wooden joists and coal-mine lighting fixtures above

Best New Bars
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No. 8: Hi-Fi

If you’re looking for mixology, you’re in the wrong place. PBR served in a plastic cup is the most popular beverage.

Spoke & Steele
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No. 10: Spoke & Steele

Among the premixed elixirs on tap, the Nutty Manhattan stands out—a boozy black-cherry nightcap on ice.

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Our Pint Glass Overfloweth

A few years ago, the biggest menu of suds in Indy was 60 taps. There are almost 500 between the four of these new bars.

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The Old Fashioneds: Well-Worn, Well-Loved Dives

“I put my time in here, but when it was handed to me, it was a legacy that I had to try to live up to.”

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Realty Check: What $2.5 Million Gets You on Geist

Guests can practice their golf skills on the PGA-approved putting turf atop the second floor of the outdoor terrace or hang by the poolside bar and fireplace on chilly summer nights.

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Three Things to Know About Sharknado 3

Sharknado 3 debuts on July 22. Mock-tweet away!

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Mini Review: Cropichon et Bidibule

Their cheery bistro dedicated to Le Cordon Bleu classics and the rustic buckwheat galettes of Kathy’s native Brittany feels as though it’s been serving soupe a l’oignon to Mass Ave sophisticates for years.

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A Priest, a Minister, and a Rabbi Walk into a Bar …

“We always say that the Jewish people don’t recognize Christ as the savior, the Anglicans don’t recognize the pope as the head of the church, and the Methodists don’t recognize each other at the liquor store.”

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Five New Books with Indiana Ties

Five new books with Indiana ties, and a few road trips they inspire.