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July 2016

Laura Walters My Look
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My Look: Laura Walters

“Fashion is fun—don’t take it too seriously!”

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Shoptalk: Amy Peterson’s Decorate

Mass Ave’s new store Decorate packs four exposed-brick rooms with slimmed-down pieces, nothing oversized and blocky.

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Trending: Modern Lace

Forget Grandma’s doilies. These contemporary patterns reinvent the delicate fabric.

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5 Popular Ways to Get Fit Outdoors in Indianapolis

Whether you’re a yogi or Zumba devotee, there are ways to get fit outdoors in Indianapolis.

Protesting Riverside Amusement Park
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Backtrack: Riverside Amusement Park

From the moment the venue debuted, it became a must-do for Indy residents in the summer, but Riverside was not without its controversy.

Rowland and Chinami Ricketts
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Maker: Dyed and True

Rowland, an artist, and Chinami, a weaver of yardage for kimonos and Japanese sashes called obi, color their cloth with indigo they grow on their Bloomington farm. Their vibrant works earned them a Martha Stewart American Made award in 2014.

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Phil Gulley on Neighbors and Fences

“I won’t be putting up ‘No Trespassing’ signs, since I would be delighted to see children trespassing in our woods.”

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Six Ways to Play Astronaut at the Children’s Museum’s New Space Exhibit

The planetarium features real space vehicles and equipment around the theater.

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Brian Payne’s Next Big Idea

“Sure, I talk to people who say, ‘You’re an outlier. People don’t want transportation to be an adventure,’” Payne says. “But plenty of folks agree with me.”

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Our Most Livable Small Towns: Greenfield

Slowly and steadily, the Hancock County center is coming into its own—without losing its rural character.

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The Hoosierist: Under the Radar

“Strip away the badass name and you’ll find a Ford Taurus with beefed-up brakes and suspension.”

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Our Most Livable Small Towns: Lebanon

A lot of city people think it’s farther than Timbuktu, but 20 years ago they’d have said the same thing about Zionsville: ‘Where?’” You can get from the store to Victory Field seats in 30 minutes flat.

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Phil Gulley on Small Town Living

There are many things a small town has to offer: friendships, a casual pace not often found in the city, and a feeling of well-being and security no lock can provide. But if you’re looking for privacy, you’re better off in the city, where you can live next door to someone for a dozen years without ever learning their names or knowing anything about them.

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Our Most Livable Small Towns: Pendleton

A surprisingly sweet Main Street makes this town past Geist a best-kept secret.

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Our Most Livable Small Towns: Franklin

With a revitalized courthouse square, the Johnson County seat has emerged from Greenwood’s suburban shadow.