Kate Drury

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Mini Review: The Dancing Donut

Owner Kate Drury is having some fun with the trend. The dunkers are oversized to begin with, almost twice the size of your average pastry, which is just part of the reason why customers go wide-eyed when they reach the display counter.

Kate Drury, owner of The Flying Cupcake, will open The Dancing Donut in March.
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Eat Sheet: The Dancing Donut, Collaborative Supper Clubs, and More

The Flying Cupcake’s owner plans to open a new sweets spot, and John Adams will collaborate with his former H2O Sushi colleagues.

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Top Drawer: Indy Chefs’ Tried-and-True Kitchen Tools

What do the top chefs in town have that you don’t? These handy tools.

Kate Drury's kitchen
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At Home: Kate Drury’s Kitchen

She opened The Flying Cupcake in 2007. Now, the confectionery expert prefers to whip up indulgent treats at her northside abode in this dreamy space.