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Kelvin Sampson

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A Season On The Brink For Fred Glass

Are calls for the dismissal of the IU athletic director just good sense, or jumping the gun?

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Fan Friction: Indiana’s Epic Rivalry

Indiana basketball’s defining rivalry rekindles twice in February with two new episodes of a series Purdue currently leads by a reasonably commanding 115–89. Here’s what got (and kept) the ball rolling:

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The Naysayer says: Don’t Fire Tom Crean!

I am very satisfied with Tom Crean as Indiana’s head coach and don’t wish him to be fired. As a Boilermaker, I think he’s the perfect coach for the Hoosiers.

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Fred Glass: ‘No Truth’ to Rumors IU Might Replace Tom Crean

“I can say without equivocation that there is no truth to any of that stuff,” says Glass.

Dakich yelling into megaphone
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Thank You for Calling The Dan Dakich Show. Now Shut the Hell Up.

When you tune in, you are on Dakich’s team. He will teach you. Lecture you. Tell you to “sack up.” He will hang up on you and call you an idiot.

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Tweets of the Week: Pacers Bikeshare and Brewery Parodies

Via @urbanophile: “Last time there were 8 murders in Indy, the mayor issued a statement and jetted off to Phoenix.”