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The DadBall Era: Stupid AirPod$!

“Their disappearance is inevitable. And nobody is coming along to snap my money back into existence, either.”

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Chime Out

Why kids are skipping time-outs in favor of “chime outs.”

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Gallery: Indy 500 Snake Pit 2018

Good, sweaty American fun inside the Snake Pit.

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Play Grounds

The 7.5-acre Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience is The Children’s Museum’s biggest expansion in 40 years.

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Unspoken Rules: The State Fair With Kids

Park at the Indiana School for the Deaf, on 42nd Street. Easy in, easy out. Closed-toed shoes only. There is an astonishing array of gross things kids can step in at the Fair. The Family Fun Park is smoke-free, unlike the Midway. Avoid: cotton candy (sticky), tractor pulls (loud), giant stuffed animals (cumbersome). Shuttle rides […]

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The Purge: Orderliness! (2017)

The amount of pointless clutter that has accumulated in our house is astounding. It is embarrassing and “first-world problem-y,” yes…but nevertheless astounding. You millennials and organized people wouldn’t understand. Take The Kitchen Drawer, for example—the biggest drawer that is also the most accessible and the one that should be filled with only the most useful items. It […]

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Five Items Not To Miss At The Children’s Museum’s New American POP Exhibit

Star Trek and Willy Wonka share space in The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’s newest permanent exhibit, American POP. The past-and-present pop culture showcase features accessories from big-name celebrities like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson alongside the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and iPods of everyday Americans. Nineties kids can reminisce about killing—sorry, nurturing—their Tamagotchis, superhero fans […]

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This Is The Saga That Never Ends

During the non-summer months, getting kids fed/groomed/dressed and to school on time each morning is a dreadful, exhausting process layered in stress and rage and chaos. Nothing comes easily at 6:45 on a cold, dark Tuesday morning in December—and nothing is where it should be. Backpacks, lunch bags, shoes, the kids themselves. Nothing runs smoothly. […]

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On The Road With The Dadball Era

There are battles to be fought everywhere—in all directions, inside and out, at all times—during a 14-hour car ride to the Florida Gulf Coast with three bickering kids in the backseat and a pregnant wife in the front and 9,000,000 other Midwestern motorists screaming south down I-65 in unison, in a frenzied, cabin-fevered hell-pack. The family […]

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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: Tamika’s Goodbye, The Vonnegut Opera, and More

We’re looking forward to a weekend of Vonnegut opera, craft cocktail tours, and Home-A-Rama.

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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: DIY Terrarium

The jar comes with everything they’ll need to create a whimsical moss fantasy world, including a hand-painted character to star in their adventure.

Batman cape
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Superhero Capes

Wallet-friendly ways for kids to morph into caped crusaders

Vardagen Lightening
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Decoding Vardagen’s Designs

The women’s “Bast Cat” tank ($32) is a subtle tip of the hat (er, tail) to all the regal Egyptian kitties of yore.

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10 Things to Expect from Irish Fest’s 20th Anniversary

For 20 years, Indy Irish Fest has celebrated Celtic heritage in Indiana. Here’s how to navigate this year’s festival like a true Irishman.

Notch Summer Camp
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Summer Camps Your Kids Actually Want to Attend

Classes for budding Amy Schumers, Jack Whites, Ed Carpenters, and more.