Larry Bird

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Explaining To Your Kids: Lance Stephenson

  As parents, we have trouble explaining life’s more complicated issues to our kids. Sometimes it’s astronomy. Other times it’s FISA warrants or the infield fly rule or the many plot holes in Blade II. Today it’s Lance Stephenson. The Dadball Era is here to help when the kids come a’questionin’. Because they certainly will.Who is […]

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Setting the Pace

Change is coming to the Indiana Pacers: a new coach, a new team leader, and a whole new game.

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Report: Paul George Makes NBA 2K17 Cover

Look out, Paul George is bound to put up video game numbers—for NBA 2K17.

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Caught in the Middle: What Is Indiana’s Brand?

Starting now, Hoosiers will mark two centuries of Indiana history with a yearlong party. But what, exactly, are we commemorating?

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Hoosier Hall of Fame: All-Indiana Basketball Lineup

The male and female All-Indiana Basketball lineups could hold their own against any state. Who’d we leave out?

After Larry Bird left Indiana University, he spent several months at home in French Lick.
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Larry Bird’s Greatest Shot Was The One He Didn’t Take

Forty years ago, Larry Bird passed on a chance at big-time basketball. The small-town star left Bob Knight’s IU team before a single game and returned home.

Paul George Small Ball
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Game Changer: 7 Reasons Pacers Are Playing Small Ball

Why is Larry Bird’s team picking up the pace?

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IM Archives: The Ron Goodbye of Metta World Peace

“You could mark that night as the beginning of a period that was not good for our franchise,” says Donnie Walsh. “It really hurt us dramatically.”

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On Stage with Taylor Swift

Getting on stage during Swift’s 1989 tour is an A-List badge of honor. Who will get the invite in Indy?

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The Replay: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, and Larry Bird

A look back at the emotional range of Colts fans during the saga through the prism of—what else?—Kanye West GIFs. Also, Andrew Luck gets roasted by Matt Hasselbeck and Deadspin’s Drew Magary.

Black Market patrons give up a little elbow room to enjoy one of the city
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May I Suggest: Local Celebrity Lunches

Indy’s movers and shakers dished on where they prefer to go for their midday meal.

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Pacers’ New Hickory Uniforms

“George LOVE the new uniforms, nice throwback. But more importantly, LOVE that your hair color matches new uniforms.” – @ReggieMillerTNT

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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Larry Bird

Presenting the Peyton Manning Collection™

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The Replay: Mark Cuban, Lil Bub, and the Colts

The Colts hang fire.

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The Replay: ‘The Deflator,’ Tom Brady, and ‘Jon Grady’

Need to lose extra pounds (or a starting QB)? The Patriots explain how.