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Lauren Spierer

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Our Top 10 Stories of 2014

From a tap-dancing dynamo to a soul-man belter, from Lauren Spierer to Larry Legend, these are the year’s most-viewed newsmakers.

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Lauren Spierer Update: Mother Reacts to Judge's Dismissal of Lawsuit

“We will continue to search for any information which will lead us to answers in Lauren’s disappearance,” says Charlene Spierer.

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Lauren Spierer’s Mother Is “Truly Hoping We Get Answers”

The case will now enter the next phase of litigation, which involves full discovery, attorney Jason Barclay tells IM. “One aspect of that is taking depositions under oath,” says Barclay.

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Lauren Spierer Update: Lawsuit Targets Last People to See Her

The Spierers’ lawsuit contradicts some information included in IM’s report from June 2011, printed one year after Lauren went missing.

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Our Top 12 Stories of 2012

We’re already well into this droll, sporty, and yet downright painful 2013—St. Elmo and soccer and Lance, oh my—and so here, without further ado and based on pageviews, are the top 12 stories of 2012 at as determined by you, our readers:

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Today Is Lauren Spierer's 22nd Birthday, and Her Family Still Wants Answers

Lauren Spierer’s parents, Robert and Charlene, recently spoke with People magazine to reveal the stark, harsh reality of living without their daughter. What seems like minutiae to some, small things, will bring back the pain of losing their daughter—so much so that, according to People, Spierer’s boxes from her time at college remain unpacked. Today, January 17, 2013, is significant for them: It marks the day on which Spierer either hopefully celebrates her 22nd birthday—somewhere, somehow—or would have celebrated the occasion.

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Figures from Lauren Spierer Investigation Return to Spotlight

Sadly, there has been little in the way of breaking news to report about Lauren Spierer since June, when IM last looked into the disappearance of the Indiana University student—namely information on her whereabouts, what happened to her, or publicized leads in the police investigation.