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Mike Tyson leaving police car in Indianapolis
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A Lawyer’s Look At The Mike Tyson Rape Trial

At least 15 critical mistakes led directly to Tyson’s conviction.

Mike Tyson The Decision
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The Decision: Mike Tyson’s Rape Trial, 25 Years Later

One of the biggest legal fights in this modern era of celebrity trials, the Tyson affair was a knockout.

Muncie attorney John Brooke
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Trial By Fireworks

He defends retailers against pyros suing for their own negligence—like lighting fireworks on their heads.

Kristine Bunch won freedom in 2012.
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When Will Kristine Bunch Be Free?

After one son died in a house fire, Kristine Bunch of Greensburg did 16 years for murder and arson while separated from her other child. Eventually she won a grueling fight for freedom and a chance to be a mother again. But some things, she discovered, were lost forever.

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She Rules: Judge Sarah Evans Barker on Indiana Culture

“We’re that hard on all of our IU basketball coaches. That’s what Indiana is.”

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Indiana Ban on Gay Marriage

U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Young did not issue a stay on his ruling, meaning that same-sex couples can marry at will without delay.

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The Hoosierist: On This Day in History, Feb. 10

Finally a new constitution—the same one we have now, minus a slew of wacky amendments (I’m looking at you HJR-3)—was hammered out.

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Editor's Note: January 2014

For Kristine Bunch, prison was not hypothetical. It was her life—unjustly, she maintains—for more than 16 years before she was able to gather enough evidence, with the help of Northwestern’s Center on Wrongful Convictions, to convince appellate judges she had been wrongly imprisoned for arson and the murder of her son.

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The Hoosierist: Spelled Out

The Hoosierist always figured television station call letters were burped out by a computer in the basement of the FCC’s headquarters. Boy, was he wrong.

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Shots & Ladders: The Game of Getting a Liquor License in Indy

Step 1: a successful background check. If you’re not a felon, you’ve aced the first requirement.